Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thought Experiment/Explanation on the Situation in Honduras.

Imagine this scenario. A parallel universe if you will:

It is late 1975. The impeachment Trial of Richard M. Nixon is in full swing. But Mr Nixon has already stated that regardless of the result of the trial he is going to remain president. What is more he is calling for a referendum, to be held next Sunday.

This referendum will call for the establishment of new constitutional convention. This constitutional convention will be elected through a special urn set up at the next presidential election, from candidates hand-picked by the president himself. What's more president Nixon REFUSES to tell us what amendments to the constitution will be presented by this constitutional convention, though people assume that it will include a lifting of all term limits and a centralization of power in the executive branch.

The SUPREME COURT has ruled definitively against Mr .Nixon, telling him such a referendum is itself unconstitutional . Both Houses of congress including all democrats and All republicans- have unanimously condemned the referendum as unconstitutional. Vice president Gerald Ford has resigned, stating the president no longer has his support. Richard Nixon appoints HIMSELF vice president. He does not care that this is blatantly unconstitutional. after all as he says "if the president does it , that means it is not illegal" The congress cuts off ALL FUNDING to the executive branch. No matter. The executive branch has money to burn... where is all this money coming from? It seems from his new powerful friend ....

-Because what is perhaps most alarming is president Nixon's close relationship with his new best friend; Mao Zedong of the People's republic of China. All the ballots for the illegal referendum have been manufactured in China . Planes filled with ballots (and many believe elite Chinese commandos) are landing hourly in airports across the USA. They are all Chinese in origin.

The referendum is set for Sunday. It is Wednesday. The president asks all governors to sent out the national guard to protect the ballots and provide security on the day of the referendum. They all refuse.

Thursday: President Nixon calls in the head of the Joint chiefs of Staff and orders him to use the United states armed forces to provide logistical support and security for the referendum. He refuses pointing out the unconstitutionality of this order. President Nixon fires the Head of the Joint Chiefs of staff. The secretary of defense along with all the top commanders of the army , air force, marines navy etc. all hand in their resignations in an act of solidarity with the Head of the Joint chiefs.

The Supreme Court releases an emergency injunction stating that the dismissal of the Joint Chief was itself unconstitutional. The supreme court also (once again) orders that the referendum not occur.

That evening the US Air Force takes over the Chinese planes with the ballots. the planes and the ballots are impounded and taken to hangars at Air force bases across the USA.

Friday: President Nixon wakes up to the news that his ballots are impounded. He gathers members of the news media and 500 radical Maoist student leaders (think weather underground) . This mob, With president Nixon at its head, Hijacks 8 DC metro transit buses. President Nixon drives the commandeered buses to Andrews Air Force Base, where the mob proceeds to tear down a fence and storm the hangars. To avoid bloodshed the air force gives Nixon and his Maoist mob the ballots.

A new wave of ballot stuffed Chinese planes, guarded by elite Chinese commandos land in airports across the USA. The Chinese commandos state they have orders to fight to the death to make sure the ballots go out and "the peoples will" is obeyed on Sunday.
The air force decides not to interfere.

Maoist students drive up to the airports and collect the ballots. They along with, and under supervision of, the Chinese special forces will provide the logistical and security support for the referendum on Sunday.

Saturday: This afternoon President Nixon addresses the nation. In a multi hour screed, he talks about his desire for peace in the country. He talks about the elites and how they crush the American spirit, as well as their personal vendetta against him poor Richard Nixon. He reads from the bible. He states that God "speaks and acts through him". He bursts into tears on several occasions. He starts singing church hymns. in effect he has a full blown mental breakdown on national T.V. This goes on and on and on FOR HOURS. He concludes by stating that tomorrow the American people will enact the will of god through the referendum.

Sunday 3:30 AM: The supreme court in an emergency meeting writes a warrant for the arrest of Richard m Nixon.

Sunday 3:45 AM: Elite members of the Delta force and navy seals break into the white house and essentially kidnap Richard M Nixon. He is driven to Andrews air force base. He is put on Air force one. Air Force One flies to Dublin Ireland, where Nixon still in his pajamas is rather unceremoniously dumped on the tarmac. He is unharmed. Air force one takes off and returns to USA without him.

That morning the national guard breaks into the headquarters of the Maoist radical student groups and take back the ballots. The ballots are transported to their bases and burned.

That afternoon the Speaker of the House is sworn in as the New president of the United states. In his inaugural address he reiterates time and time again that the presidential elections of 1976 will take place. The new President ends his speech by stating "Long live democracy! Long live the Constitution! Long live the United States of America!"

MAO Zedong goes on live television and states that China is now in a state of war against the USA. He threatens a full blown military invasion of the USA in order to restore Richard Nixon to power and " defend democracy against military dictatorship."

Bizarrely; instead of laughing at Mao, the rest of the world joins him and condemns the "military coup- d'etat" The united nations OEA the European union, Japan, United kingdom Canada Mexico etc all condemn" the " Military take over" of the United States stating that it is reminiscent of the dark days of WWII.

Nixon, accompanied by the Secretary of foreign Relations of Communist China, addresses the UN general assembly. He vows to return to the USA in the next 48 hours.

World Opinion is firmly in favor of Nixon. Meanwhile in the USA, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators take over the national mall central park etc, protesting in favor of the constitution, against Chinese meddling in US affairs, and against the idea of returning Nixon to the presidency.

Sound far fetched? The names and countries are obviously different, but this is a true and accurate summary of the events of the last week in Honduras, as relayed by me a real live living and breathing Honduran.

PLEASE, SEND THIS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW WHO "condemns" THE NON-EXISTENT COUP IN HONDURAS. The absolute WORST thing that can happen to that country is for Mel Zelaya to be restored to the presidency.